What's included

3 concurrent users
Up to 800 orders per month
24 hour support
Multi-currency accounting
Consultancy and training available
Ecommerce connectors $100-$250
Fully integrated POS $50/terminal
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Less Staff

Our customers reduce staffing requirements by up to 50% when running their business using Brightpearl's retail management software.


The breakdown

In year 1 you pay for onboarding and subscription; in future years you just pay for the subscription. For example: 

Year 1




$4,000 - $7,000

Year 2



Year 3



Brightpearl is a fully hosted, cloud based platform. There are no hidden hosting, server upgrade or backup costs, we take care of all of that. Software updates to the core platform are included, so Brightpearl continues to evolve for you, and you don't need to install a thing.


“Brightpearl is a scalable multichannel retail product, specifically designed for ecommerce. We save around £45,000 a year with Brightpearl.”
— Lee Adams, SpyCameraCCTV