Inventory management software for serious multichannel retailers

Brightpearl maintains accurate inventory information in real time. Stock can be allocated to orders as they arrive, and your sales channels are updated immediately to remove the possibility of double selling.

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Inventory Management

Whether you fulfill all orders from a single retail store, distribute from multiple warehouses, outsource or drop-ship, Brightpearl provides centralized inventory control so you can easily maintain an accurate record of inventory levels and value.

Having inventory management software we can trust to provide the data we need to make good sales and buying decisions has increased our revenue by 30%.
— Leo Jarvis, Director, The Priory

Easily manage customization, bundles & product variants

Every business is different, with its own unique product set. Brightpearl’s flexible inventory management software allows you to manage inventory levels behind bundles, kits and assemblies, as well as manage multiple product sizes, color and other variants.

Reorder the right stock at
the right time

Brightpearl combines up-to-date inventory levels, low stock reporting, historic sales data, and powerful cost of goods accounting to deliver real time insight into what to reorder and when to conserve working capital to maximize return on investment.