A powerful, easy-to-use POS system for multichannel merchants

Brightpearl’s POS software offers an easy way to take orders in your physical stores whilst being connected to your inventory availability across all your sales channels.

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Product availability across all locations

Look up product availability in other stores and across your warehouses through Brightpearl’s POS system. You never have to miss another sale just because the stock isn’t available in-store, you can see when more stock is due to arrive, or order it on the spot and have it shipped right away.

When a customer comes into the store we can tell them if we have something in stock straightaway, or when we’ll next have it in stock just by looking at our Brightpearl POS system. There’s no waiting around.
— Tom Williams, Director, Esquires

Build customer insight

Because the POS system is directly linked to Brightpearl’s centralized database, when a customer comes into your store, you can see a full history of your relationship with them, including sales through other channels, returns, communications and notes.

Simple user interface

New staff members will be up and running in minutes with Brightpearl’s simple and intuitive point of sale software. Set user permissions for each staff member so they can only see and access the information you want them to.


Offline mode

Our POS is installed on your iPads, meaning that not only is it lightning quick, but you can still process transactions offline should your connection go down. We’ll then sync everything back to Brightpearl as soon as you're back online.

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