Purchase order software for supply chain management

Supply chain management and purchase order software are both critical to growing a retail business. Brightpearl provides the tools you need to manage suppliers, purchasing, and incoming stock, as well as efficient workflows around drop-shipping and split shipments.

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Maximize your return on investment

Brightpearl combines sales, inventory, and purchase order data in our supply chain management software to give you the reports you need to predict future inventory levels. Use this data to create smart buying strategies, avoid stock-outs, and quickly identify slow moving or low profit product lines.

A big step forwards for us is being able to match our invoices to purchase orders within the same system. The fact that Brightpearl encompasses so many features means our business data is up-to-date and reliable.
— Jon Burrage, Owner, The Triathlon Shop

Accurately calculate product margins

Serious retail and wholesale businesses need to understand the true cost of the goods they trade and recognize costs and revenues at the right time. Brightpearl makes this easy via automated First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management, and a sophisticated landed costs module.

Purchase in a way that suits your business

Whether you purchase off the back of sales orders, buy for stock or drop-ship, Brightpearl gives you the tools you need to manage your supplier relationships, order, receive and account for stock. That means you spend less time wrangling emails and spreadsheets, and more time developing good supplier relationships.